The ITS was born in 2009, from the union of professionals from several companies in the industrial automation sector. It has today reached, thanks to the constant attention to innovative technologies, a high degree of competence in automation industrial and power plant engineering. The company staff, real engine of the same, is made up of proven experience and specialized personnel, organized, motivated and always ready to seize evolution of technology and to implement productivity and security solutions for its customers. ITS cooperates with several local companies that have years of experience in the mechanical construction of special machines. ITS also makes use of the experience over twenty years of personal A.R. Impianti srl for the design, construction and commissioning. The highly professional technical assistance and rapid service, also provide a real guarantee of reliability. The customer can rely on a single source, directly responsible for all phases of the contract, which ensures quality and efficiency. The company carries out its activities in the field of electrical engineering, electronics, mechanical and fluidic, starting from design to installation and maintenance of the facilities in the plants of our customers.